Born into a world transitioning from analogue-to-digital

As a young child I was always fascinated by electronics and anything with a screen. I would pull apart old televisions and computers to gain an understanding of what goes in the background to create the entertainment experiences we all love. At the age of 12 I saved up for my own computer (a purple iMac), completely funded by my paper route.

I became fascinated by how the internet worked and the ability for anyone to edit video so easily in their own home. Through pulling apart websites and playing with digital video, I taught myself web development and video production. This provided the foundations for my University postgraduate research into the internet’s influence on decision-making processes and my Master’s study into how high-definition television affects the way advertising messages are received.

Convergence of marketing and technology

I grew up right in the middle of a world just learning what digital is, and now live in a world where the intersection of digital technology innovations and marketing communications strategy is changing everyday. My last five years in the digital marketing space have been fascinating and exciting. The ability to design integrated campaigns in a environment that is always changing is scary, but I thrive on this challenge – you can’t take anything for granted – you have to be flexible and innovative – and I like that. I love this industry and I look forward to continuing to learn from the world around me as new technology changes life itself.

I like running and flying

While I spend a lot of time with a keyboard and mouse, it’s equally important to get away from it. To keep my mind fresh and productive I’m an active runner and also a bit of an adrenalin junkie. I have finished one full-marathon, three half-marathons and the Oxfam 100km Trailwalker. Throughout 2007-2009 I learnt to Hangglide and in 2009 was the 4th placed intermediate pilot at the New Zealand Hanggliding Nationals. I’ve skydived, bungee-jumped and look forward to flying in any shape or form. I’ve travelled to 14 countries throughout the world, with 182 to go. I will travel anywhere and try anything once and this philosophy keeps life fun and unpredictable!

University achievements

I genuinely get excited by well designed research – when a gap is identified, a problem needs to be solved, the right questions are asked, valid analysis produces usable outcomes, and real marketing and practical implications are produced – that’s cool. In 2008 I received the top Marketing Honours dissertation mark of 95% for my research into modern decision making in an increasingly networked world. I was then awarded a full Otago University scholarship in 2009 to undertake my Masters study. In 2010, I achieved Distinction in my Master of Commerce in Marketing, which investigated the influence of media effects through changes in resolution of television advertising and how modern digital channels affect the reception of advertising messages.

Film, theatre & photography

My fascination with anything audio-visual transcended into a love of film and television. This lead me to naturally pursue an active hobby in short filmmaking and involvement in theatre. Throughout 2006-2009 I was the video director for the Capping Show in Dunedin; the second-longest running student review in the world (behind Cambridge).

Throughout this period I met and worked with many talented actors and creative individuals, and together we produced a number of short films – two of which received first place at the Dunedin Student Film Festival in 2006 and 2008, with numerous other nominations and awards. In 2009 I received an Otago University ‘Gold Award’ in recognition of my 'contribution to the arts'. I am actively involved in various video productions, and enjoy spending my time practicing my photography and videography.

Have a question?

I’d love to chat and am always open to new opportunities and collaborations. Feel free to contact me directly via:

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